A message from the site founder

Sarah McInerneyThere is a real passion behind this website – my passion for Tossa de Mar!

I have been visiting Tossa de Mar twice a year since 1998 with my partner, Kevin. To say I have fallen in love with the place is an understatement! When I am not in Tossa, I am thinking about Tossa, or reading or writing about Tossa, or keeping in touch with the friends I have made in Tossa. Luckily, Kevin shares this passion.

Each time I go to Tossa I find it harder and harder to return home to England! I don’t feel like I’m going home, I feel like I’m leaving home! Kevin and I spend the whole year counting down the days until we go back. We miss our friends from Tossa and hate leaving them behind when we return to England.

Tossa is a special place. Whatever your nationality, colour, religion, beliefs, you will always share a common link with the regular visitors to Tossa.

We spent a wonderful evening last year, drinking good wine, absorbing the amazing ambience radiating from the brilliantly lit Vila Vella, feeling the warm sea breeze caressing our cheeks, and listening to the waves lap the bay. There was a big group of us, we had all met in Tossa over the years, and I realised that amongst those laughing and chatting together like old friends were as many as six nationalities: Spanish, Irish, Scottish, English, Danish, and Dutch!

Kevin & SarahHelping to keep the Tossa dream alive

Over the years of visiting Tossa I have built up a good knowledge of the resort and I would like to share it. If I can help a newcomer to Tossa with some advice on where to eat, or what to do during the day, then I would be delighted. And if I can offer a way of keeping the Tossa dream alive for that part of the year when we are working in our home countries, the winter chills are biting at our noses, and our holiday in Tossa seems so far away, then that would be wonderful.

I want to bring together all the lovers of Tossa, to help them keep in touch, to offer an information service to tourists, and also to offer an opportunity for all the businesses in Tossa, like the restaurants, bars, shops and activities, to promote themselves to the tourists.

I have big plans for this website, lots of things I want to add and innovative ideas to make the website more interesting. It will take some time but it will be fun and I can’t wait to share all these things with you!

If you have any suggestions or comments you would like to make about this website, or about Tossa de Mar, please feel free to do so. I welcome ideas and feedback! You can either post them on the message board in Let’s Link, or if you’d rather not make your feelings public, then e-mail me at sarah@tossacostabrava.com.

So, until we meet again in Tossa, take care and hasta luego!

Sarah McInerney


My sincere thanks are extended to:

My partner Kevin …. for introducing me to Tossa de Mar in the first place, and for his patience while I was setting this website up!

Sandra Anderson …. for designing this website for me, for all her ideas and help and her valuable input! www.sarnie.co.uk

José and Sandra Mollat … for their dedication to promoting this website to the dozens of people they know, for distributing our leaflets and for booking our cabs!

Cristina Dahmani .... for teaching me Spanish, for her steadfast patience over the last five years, especially with the subjunctive tense! And for checking my streams of Spanish translations!

Bill and June Smith .... for letting me use their lovely photos of the Corpus Christi flower mats, and the pictures of the views from 'our place on the beach' where we have been neighbours for a number of years!

And all my friends who live in Tossa, holiday in Tossa and work in Tossa and who make Kevin and my time there ‘un poco mas feliz’.