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Useful websites and media
    Daily Spanish news in English and essential information for living in Spain, plus much more.
    Your moving companion. Designed to assist British expatriates moving to Spain.  A provider of useful information, valuable resources and helpful recommendations. Spain-UK-United covers Spanish laws, lifestyles and lessons to learn. Spain-UK-United will also provide a meeting ground for friends and families to keep in touch and meet new people.

    Paginas Amarillas (Yellow Pages)
    This is a useful website to search for shops in any particular region or province of Spain. Whether you are looking for a furniture shop in a town in Girona or a supermarket in Barcelona, you will find it here.

Costa Brava Resident
    Useful monthly magazine for the English speaking community living on the Costa Brava. Articles and information on local news, culture, events, book reviews, recipes and leisure. There is a notice board which invites readers to send in their photos and details of any events, concerts or celebrations and you can also send in letters, opinions, poems, etc.
    Free of charge.

Useful Links on

    Let’s Talk – the Forum with it’s own dedicated Ex-Pat Let’s Chat section
    Property – services and information for those buying or selling property in the area
    Services Directory – directory of useful services for residents and tourists alike

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Building & Decorating Services




A-Team Construction Company

+34 645 24 74 90
+34 625 84 70 15
+34 935 83 67 38

Plumbing, gas, electrics, central heating, kitchens & bathrooms, tiling, flooring, false ceilings.

Interior Renovations

+34 934 15 38 31

Interior design professional. Kitchens, bathrooms, entire properties covered.

JAb Architects

+34 63 94 94 638

Architect services for construction or renovation of houses in Catalonia. Can work with you to design your dream house on the coast, or to renovate your old farm house in the mountains.

Manos Rusas

+34 620 16 26 69

Professional renovations, house building and odd jobs. Paperwork and permissions handling.

Mont Decorators

+34 616 51 02 58

Painting, decorating, tiling, plastering, wallpaper hanging. Interior and exterior work. Covers Catalonia.


+34 647 05 30 83

Plasterer – walls, ceilings, repairs, decorative borders.

Computer Services





+ 34 662 40 18 54
+34 934 23 27 00

PC help and training, e-mail & ADSL configuration, hardware and software installation.

Ezee PC

+34 650 90 38 66

On-site PC support. Hardware & software maintenance, internet and e-mail connections.

Clubs & Associations

Girona Grapevine Group
W:   |  E:

Social Group

Girona Grapevine

Our group meets every Wednesday for coffee in Girona, but for those who can't make that we occasionally hold social events. We have a newsletter with interesting views, news and information from English speaking residents in our area.

We also have over 300 second hand English books and magazines at Girona Books, C/Rutlla 22 (near the municipal market).

Our website Blog gives members access to their own message board (we ask a small donation a year to cover website costs).

There are many nationalities; but we all speak English. Please come and meet us. We are particularly keen to welcome new members and newcomers to the area.

Clubs and Associations




Cajac Club Baix Llobregat

+ 34 610 62 68 44

Canoeing and kayaking club.


Cuidandos Europeos

+34 972 15 15 10

Information for European residents and property owners on how to participate in public affairs.


Dutch Association

+34 972 25 52 78

Based in Girona.


Royal British Legion, Catalunya

+34 972 15 02 87

Costa Brava branch of the Royal British Legion.


Sitges English Theatre Company

+34 938 94 93 52

Play-readings, performances, quizzes, social activities.


Partner Para Todo


If you want to play tennis, go hiking or practice Spanish with a partner, sign up free of charge.

Online Shopping service




Brit Superstore

+44 (0) 1304 206069

Hundreds of British goods form food to magazines. Personal shoppers hand pick your goods to ensure the longest possible shelf life and quality. Browse one site for all your favourite and supermarket brands.


+ 34 96 558 32 63

Based in Alicante on the Costa Blanca but deliver anywhere in the European Union. Add a few of those creature comforts that you may be missing while living away from home, from food to CDs, clothing to computer accessories.

British Corner Shop

+44 (0)1454 228870

Food and household products delivered worldwide.

British Supermarket Worldwide

+44 (0) 1227 365070

Bringing you the British food you miss from home. Offering a wide variety of famous brand familiar British Food products delivered directly to your door around the world.

Life’s Little Luxuries

+44 (0) 1420 488493

The best of British food and household names direct to your doorstep, wherever you happen to be in the world. Whatever you’re missing away from home, you’ll find it here.

Language Clubs & Services





+34 676 24 97 44

Spanish classes with an experienced native teacher. All levels covered. Conversation groups, one-to-one tuition.

The English Speaking Club Catalunya

+34 607 11 37 37

For people who speak or want to practice English.

The Language Exchange Club

+34 639 64 72 62

Practice English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Catalan. Based in Barcelona.

TV Services





+34 649 605 917

Digital satellite TV installations and equipment, Broadband.

Easi Sat

+ 34 649 41 38 32 / 938 45 98 74

Satellite TV installations. Based in Barcelona.


+34 938 10 24 58
+34 610 09 28 48

Satellite TV installation covering all of Catalonia

Misc. Ex-Pat Services




Spanish Delivery

+ 44 (0)1322 449280

Delivery service from Girona to Murcia, delivering all your favourite things from the UK. Plus light removals. UK based.

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