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Tossa info

General information about Tossa, the old town, the new town, the artistic heritage and facts about the weather and climate.

Fiestas, siestas….

A guide to feast days, traditions, and celebrations, in Tossa and in Catalonia.

On the beach!

Join us on a voyage along the coastline of the region of Tossa de Mar!

The territory known as Tossa de Mar is punctuated by a series of coves, bays and headlands and of course, the striking Cape of Tossa which envelops the spectacular Vila Villa and the four main beaches. The region under the remit of Tossa continues another 8km north along the coast as far as Cala Salions and 5km south to Cala Morisca. It is dotted with many bays and coves, some of them unspoilt and inaccessible by road.

Disabled Services in Tossa de Mar

The Costa Brava region is a popular destination for disabled travellers, with a short flight time from the rest of Europe and a gentler climate than the more southerly resorts in Spain. In this section you’ll find some information on how Tossa de Mar caters for those with disabilities or mobility problems, together with directories of accommodation, bars and restaurants that offer easy access.

Tossa’s History

A journey through the history of Tossa de Mar.

From the first century Roman-built villa of Turissa, to twelfth century Tursia and the building of the Vila Vella (old town) to defend the village from seaward attacks. Then on to the 1387 reconstruction of the walled town, and the beginnings of the Vila Nova (new town) at the end of the 17th century when sea attacks subsided and villagers were confident enough to start building outside the walls of the main town. Then on to the tourist boom which started in the 1950s and overtook the cork industry as the village’s main earning power. It’s a fascinating insight into Tossa’s past and offers a background to the intrigue and amazement that sums up Tossa de Mar.

Film stars arrive in Tossa de Mar!

Ava Gardner and James Mason took the starring roles in the romantic tale Pandora and the Flying Dutchman which was filmed in Tossa de Mar in the early 1950s.

Pandora Reynolds was an intensely beautiful woman who men felt compelled to love. But their love was always doomed, and Pandora’s heart looked set never to be captured. Until that is, she swam out to a mysterious boat moored in the bay of Esperanza and met Henrick, a wonderfully handsome, yet ghostly, yachtsman played by James Mason. The mysterious tale unfolds and is one of intrigue and profoundly deep love.

Esperanza was the name given to Tossa de Mar, and the amazing ‘see for miles’ views seen in the film just must be seen to be believed.

What’s happening in Tossa?

A monthly diary of events, regularly updated. Check this out before you go! There are always so many things going on in Tossa so make sure you don’t miss any of the celebrations!

Also, a link to the Tossa de Mar webcam, showing the current temperature and what is going on on Playa Gran!

Around Tossa

A brief guide to the Costa Brava and Catalonia

The most unfairly criticised stretch of coast in Europe, the Costa Brava has long been scorned as a package-holiday, all-day English breakfast destination. But the truth is that this astoundingly diverse region brings together extraordinary natural beauty and a rich cultural heritage, a tapestry of walled towns, fortified farmhouses and ancient hilltop villages. The coastline is captivating – Costa Brava means ‘Rugged Coast’ – with outcrops of the Pyrenees forming wild sea-cliffs. Secluded coves secrete themselves between the unkempt rocks, where tenacious pines cover the slopes right down to the mouth of the Mediterranean and sweeping sandy beaches provide a retreat, punctuating the uneven shoreline.

Join us for some inspiring descriptives, insightful information and more than one reason why the Costa Brava and Catalonia is such a popular destination for the more discerning tourist.

When in Spain….

Some basic information for travellers to Spain. Shopping, banking, where to go for help, making phone calls, opening hours, and more!

Finding Tossa

Here we have some maps of Tossa, and links to maps of the surrounding region, as well as some interesting information about the geographical location of Tossa which is located within the La Selva District of the Costa Brava.

Brief Guide to Tossa de Mar

General information, useful words and phrases, list of public holidays, and top ten….things to do, places to visit and things to eat in Tossa!

Download it, print it, fold it up and pack it in your travel bag before you go!

Download the brief guide: English, Español and Deutsch

Virtual Tour

Let’s go on a tour of Tossa! Experience the astounding views from the Vila Vella, the sound of the waves swashing onto the beaches, the narrow, winding streets of the Vila Nova with the shops, bars and restaurants, and the incredible views from the Moorish Tower and the Codolar viewpoint.

This is your chance to experience a taste of Tossa before you go, or to rekindle the fond memories of your recent visit there.

And if you like the Virtual Tour, then you’ll love DVD: Tossa de Mar! Not only does it include video footage, it also has all the photo movies from the photo gallery!

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