Travel Information

Here are three useful directories carefully put together to help you plan your trip to Tossa de Mar:
 - and don’t forget to read our top tips before you book!

Getting to Tossa

The Travel Directory includes listings of airlines, tour operators, travel booking services, ferry operators, coach companies, rail services, travel insurance, airport transfers and airport parking.

Staying in Tossa

The Accommodation Directory includes listings of hotels, hotel booking services, hostels, private holiday rentals, self catering apartments and campsites.

Getting Around in Tossa

The Local Transport Directory includes listings of buses, trains, boats, travel agents, car hire services, and car parks in Tossa.

Top tips for travel bookings

  1. Make at least one night of your stay a Saturday night. Many airlines and hotels offer weekend discounts.
  2. Leave on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Airlines usually offer the lowest fares on these days.
  3. When you see a good deal, buy it! Airline and hotel rates change all the time and that good deal might not be available later.
  4. Book at least 2 months before you travel to get better rates.
  5. Travel just after a major holiday like Christmas or Easter, or during school term time just after a school holiday. These dates are not usually in so much demand!
  6. Be flexible. Check the days or weeks before and after your first choice travel dates. Sometimes even a slight variation in dates can save you money.

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Hope you find these helpful!

There are lots more hints and tips within the directories.
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