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A Coastal Boat Trip
Scuba Diving
Water sports and activities

 A Coastal Boat Trip

Download the Boat Trip photo movie

Take a boat trip along the coast, either to the north or to the south. There are a string of delightful secluded coves and bays between Tossa and Lloret de Mar to the south, or between Tossa and San Feliu de Guixols to the north. There are various different options for your boat trip: a straightforward ferry, the glass bottom boat excursion, the Splash boat experience, the Catamaran Cruise or the Nautilus Star boat that actually submerges to reveal the beauty of the under-water Mediterranean.

Stop off at some of the resorts along the coast: there’s pretty Santa Cristina, the Club Hotel at Giverola with it’s restaurant, bars, swimming pool, sports and beach, Blanes with it’s Botanical Gardens, Lloret de Mar with all it’s bustling amusements and attractions, and many more besides. Check the information leaflets available at the boat kiosks on Playa Gran, at the Tourist Office, or in many of the hotels.

Glass Bottom Boat
The boats run every hour (Fondo Cristal every half hour in the high season) between 10am and 4pm.

The trip takes in the views of the Mar Menuda beach and on it’s way to the picturesque coves of Cala Pola and Cala Giverola, stops at three caves. In each cave, the view is lit so that the spectacular array of metallic colours cutting through the rock dazzles and amazes.

As the name suggests, the boats have a transparent bottom and when lit, the views of the sea bed below send gasps all around. Silvery fish slink in and out of rocks and reefs. Sea weeds waver with the current. A truly mesmerising view.

Under the sea!
Experience the Nautilus. This bright yellow coloured boat not only takes in the marvellous features of the coastline between Lloret and Tossa, but offers a much more ‘in-depth’ way of exploring the wonders of what lies beneath – by actually descending under the water! Surrounded by the wonders of this exquisite marine paradise, you’ll be astounded by these extraordinary views.

The Nautilus runs from Lloret, through to Tossa, and back to Lloret again, but you cannot disembark in Tossa, so you’ll have to make the return journey to Lloret separately. In Lloret, tickets for this excursion, which takes around an hour and three quarters, can be bought from the kiosk on the sea front promenade.

Power Boat Thrill!
Download the Splash! Virtual Tour Video: (Broadband) (Dial-up)
The speedboat ‘Splash’, like the ones used by the lifeguards, makes its way gently from the main beach, then suddenly opens up and you’re away, holding tight as it skims the waves, the wind in your hair, the smart of the salty breeze on your lips....

You’ll stop off at some of the pretty bays along the way. Take in the sublime calm of Cala Bona with its crystal clear waters dotted with snorklers, enjoy the shimmering walls inside the caves, and get a close-up of those craggy, pine-topped cliffs….

It’s an experience that combines thrill and tranquillity. You don't get wet and you won't be seasick - it feels like a fast drive in convertible car! It’s suitable for all ages, children, teens, parents and even grandparents.

Mystery & Intrigue
For a touch of mystery and intrigue, you could try the special Splash Smuggler’s Story Tour, which operates twice a week in the high season.

The boat takes you to an authentic smuggler’s cove where it drops anchor. Then it's a short swim to the cave's entrance. Once there, the first person illuminates the way with a torch light on their head. Everyone swims in single file behind. After some climbing, you are inside the cave, where you can experience the enchantment and captivating atmosphere, and of course take as many photos as you wish – but of course, you will need a waterproof camera.

Tickets can be purchased from the stand next to Banys Claudi, the beach bar on Playa Gran, opposite the Ancora apartments.

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Water Sports & Activities

Indulge yourself in something exciting! A ‘banana boat’ ride, parasailing, scuba diving, ski bus, water skiing, sailing….all these services are operated from the Playa Gran or Mar Menuda beaches and the Water Sports Centre at Club Aire Libre, Cala Llevado, just out of town.

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Scuba Diving

The Mar Menuda beach is the diver’s favourite due to its amazing surrounding geology and marine biology.

Just past the Mar Menuda are a series of stacks and stumps known as Ses Illetes. These enchanting rock formations occur where the sea weathers land formed of a mixture of soft and hard rock types. Soft rock is eroded by the ebb and flow of the tide, leaving just the hard rock standing. The same process forms caves, and there are many of these dotted along the Costa Brava coastline, some of which are visited on the glass bottom boat trips.

Beyond Ses Iletes lies a myriad of islets, islands, caves and reefs, ideal for the snorkler and scuba diver.

The Medes Islands at L’Estartit, further north on the Costa Brava, are a haven for divers. This is a truly privileged area with a very rich sea bed and is renowned as a underwater natural park.

There are a number of specialist diving organisations offering courses and planned holidays including accommodation and transport.

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