Fiestas, Siestas...

A guide to Feasts & Traditions

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No country in the whole world is quite as good at enjoying itself as Spain!

The Spanish calendar is peppered with holidays of many different kinds. Local or national, most of these include an exciting calendar of events, with fairs, concerts, dances and religious celebrations.

Almost all Spanish fiestas mark dates in the Catholic Christian calendar but many of them have origins dating back to primitive pagan times: in marking the seasons and the rites of life and death they preserve something vital that we have lost touch with in the modern world.

Numerous popular festivals are held in Catalonia throughout the year, following a cycle based mainly on the major Christian festivities but with clear reminiscences of pre-Roman and Roman origins.

In Tossa, there is always something going on! Celebrations, fiestas, concerts, pilgrimages…. never a dull moment!

See a Calendar of Feasts and Events for 2005 from the Tourist Office (


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