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The Local Transport Directory

Tossa itself is of course easily browsed on foot. But there will be times when you’ll want to venture further afield and visit neighbouring towns and nearby attractions.

There are a few choices when it comes to local transport in Tossa, and don’t forget, you can also take a taxi from just outside the Tourist Office in Avenida del Pelegrí. There are always plenty lined up there waiting to take you on your journey. Don’t forget to ask the driver to quote the fare first! And you don’t need to go overboard on the tip – it’s only expected to round up to the nearest Euro!

This directory contains a regularly updated list of local transport. If you have any methods of transport to add please let us know!

If you offer transport in Tossa or the surrounding region, make sure you are listed in this section! A basic listing is free of charge or you can enhance your listing for a small charge – or even advertise on these travel pages to really attract attention to your transport service! Click the i link for details.

The directory contains the following services:

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