A night out in Tossa

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Tossa’s nightlife is vibrant in its own way, but is far removed from the hedonism of its neighbouring resorts. Whilst it provides a sparse scattering of teenage orientated nightspots, tucked discreetly away into the crevices of the village, the nightlife is primarily aimed at bringing visitors of many nationalities, and locals together. This is where you will see a group of Spanish, Irish, Scottish, English, Dutch, Danish and German holiday-makers drinking and chatting merrily together in a variety of languages.

A plethora of bars cater for all moods and tastes. There are quiet hide-aways where you can practice Spanish or Catalan with the locals, but for those looking for a more hand-clapping, foot-stomping evening, there are more lively spots. If the clicking of castanets, strumming of guitars and delighted squeals of ‘ole’ are calling you, then there’s something for you too!

Cocos Bar
Carrer Barcelona, 24 |  T: 972 34 06 58 |  W: www.cocosbar.com l E: info@mkbservice.nl

Bar & Restaurant

Cocos Bar

Rosa & Juan welcome you to Coco’s where you’ll find a friendly welcoming atmosphere, a wide selection of food and drink and a great place to sit and chat, and watch the world go by!

At Cocos Bar you will always have a good time!

Open all day, every day of the week.

Closed between November 15 and April 15.


Basic Description


La Ardilla

Extensive bar with large screen satellite television. All types of music played. Intriguing décor made up of hundreds of photos from years past and present.

C. Sant Josep, 2

Sa Barraca

Seventies music. Cocktails and snacks served.

Pola, 9

La Bolera

Bowling alley with separate bar and snack bar area

Frances Mas i Ros, s/n


Spanish music and rock music.

Església, 6

Bus Bar

Quiet bar open til the early hours, situated at the bus station.

Av. del Pelegrí, 25

Canaima, Hotel

Side-street bar canopied with towering palm trees.

Av de la Palma, 24


Disco music, dancing and darts.

Rosa Rissech, 13


Bar run by a Dutch/Catalan couple

Av. Ferran Agullo, 12

Costa Brava, Hotel

Hotel bar open to the public offering an excellent entertainment programme seven nights a week, including a Flamenco show on Friday nights. Very friendly bar and welcoming atmosphere. Variety of drinks and cocktails.

C/ Verge Montserrat s/n

Cyber-café Bar Playa

Internet café serving a range of drinks while you surf the net! Offers a number of PCs with large flat screens.

Pou de la Vila / Passeig de Mar

Diana, Hotel

Beautiful 1920s hotel with amazing décor, bar open to the public. Upstairs terrace with views of the Vila Vella, charming outdoor patio area for evening entertainment once a week. Tapas served.

Plaza de España, 6

Dino's Cova

Bar playing music from all times, in an ‘underground cave’ setting.

Sant Telm, 28

Don Juan, Hotel

Hotel bar open to the public offering live entertainment

C/Barcelona, 22

Don Pepe

Live Rumba and Flamenco music every night

Estolt, 6

Flamenco Bar

Live music – Flamenco and Rumba, every night from 10pm

Sant Pere, 4

Gamba, la

Cosy bar playing seventies, rock, blues, soul music

Sant Antoni, 19


Busy bar serving a wide selection of snacks into the early hours

Estolt, 5

Karin’s Bar/Bar San Miguel

German-owned cosy bar tucked away down this side street

Calle San Miguel


Cocktail bar

Sant Telm, 17

King Edward

‘Pub’ serving a wide range of drinks and hot and cold snacks, friendly atmosphere. Satellite TV.

C. Pola

Mar i Cel

Cocktail bar playing a variety of music

Estolt, 4

Mini Golf

Large outside bar with canopy including a fun mini-golf course.

Av. de la Palma, 16


Live Rumba and Flamenco music.

Codolar, 2

Oasis, Hotel

Hotel bar offering live entertainment.

C/Lope Mateo, 3

La Parra

Traditional bar offering the ‘Parró’ (a wine jar with a long spout which is poured down the throat)

Sant Josep, 26

El Pirata

Ambient bar near the bay of Es Codolar playing music from all times.

Portal, 32


Plays a variety of music.

Rosa Rissech, 12

Quijote, Mesón El

Traditional Spanish/Catalan bar serving a variety of tapas and fresh Jamón Serrano (ham cut off the bone). Typical bustling, friendly atmosphere.

C. Víctor Català, 5

Reymar, Hotel

Hotel bar open to the public offering a sedate atmosphere

C/ Joaquim E. Llach, s/n

Sant Antoni

Disco style bar.

Portal, 9


Bar serving long drinks.

Nou, 39


Variety of music and cocktails.



Live Rumba and Flamenco music. Cocktails served.

Sant Josep, 28

Time Place

English bar serving a variety of drinks and snacks.

C/ Barcelona


‘Pub’ playing music, satellite TV and serving a variety of beers

Pintor Francesc Serra, 9


Large bar with ambient and secluded outside seating area. Playing house and acid jazz music.

Sant Josep, 9

Torre, Sa

Bar playing ‘the best music of all times’

Pont Vell, 9

Tortuga, La

Bar playing dance music: Rumba, Flamenco

S.R. de Penyafort, 11


Welcoming atmosphere and good music

Nou, 43

Vila Vella, Bar

Bar set within the old walled town offering stunning views of Tossa bay. Variety of hot snacks served.

Vila Vella


Basic Description



Disco playing good music and offering a pleasant atmosphere

Bernats, 2

Paradís Club

Playing the latest hits and offering a good atmosphere

Passeig de Mar, s/n